Farmington Divorce Bifurcation Attorney

One of the biggest problems with the divorce process is how long it takes to finalize. If the parties are planning on fighting until the judge makes the final decision then its possible that the divorce process could take several years to complete. With temporary hearings, objection hearings, mediations, and more; things can get really drawn out really easily. One of the remedies to this problem is what is called divorce bifurcation.

Benefits and Process of Bifurcating your Divorce

The divorce bifurcation process is a fairly simple procedure which involves a motion to the judge asking for the bifurcation and a hearing. If the judge signs off on the bifurcation then you will be officially divorce even though the property division issues will still be an open case. So essentially what the court does is splits the divorce into two cases the divorce and the property division. The court then grants the divorce and keeps the property division case open. The main benefit of this is that it allows the parties to start moving on with their lives as single people while still fighting for their property from the marriage. Meaning they can get remarried if they like, change their legal status with work and the state, and do whatever other things they need to be single to do.

Ogden Bifurcation Attorney | Getting Your Divorce in Northern Utah

If you are looking at getting divorced in Northern Utah such as Ogden, Farmington, Layton, or Brigham City then call Ogden Divorce Law today, we can help you fight for your rights and provide you with the best opportunities available like a bifurcation. The lawyers at Ogden Divorce Law are experienced family law attorneys that know how to get you the best outcomes available and make sure you understand the possibilities. Call or email us today to find out more.

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