Divorce Education Class

In Utah divorcing couples that have kids are required by law to take a divorce education class before they will be granted a divorce. Couples with kids that are getting legally separated have to attend a divorce orientation class, and couples who are not married but are going through a visitation or custody proceeding  may be required to attend an orientation as well. There is no requirement for couples with no children, which hints at the purpose for the divorce education class requirement which is to help parents help their children understand and adjust to the divorce.

How to Satisfy the Divorce Education Requirement

If you are in a divorce, legal separation, or child custody proceeding and you are required to attend a divorce education or divorce orientation class then you may have a couple options. Depending on what district you are in then you may be able to watch the course on a DVD but for most individuals you will need to attend a live class and you can find a schedule for when those courses are offered online on the courts website. In some cases individuals are actually able to get the requirement waived if they can convince the judge that is not feasible or in the best interest, however, those are very limited circumstances.

Ogden Family Law Attorney | Divorce Education Requirement

If you are thinking about getting divorced then it is important that you understand the process and have the correct expectations. Call the lawyers at Ogden Divorce Law to get help with your divorce and we can help you understand what could happen in your case. Our experienced family law attorneys know the law in Utah and know how to help put their clients at ease and help them deal with the stress associated with divorce. Call or email us today find out more about how we could help you.

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