Ogden Divorce Decree Modification Lawyer

Modifying the Decree

The thought on most people’s minds as they finish going through a divorce is that they want to move on, and would honestly like to never think of the divorce decree again. However, because the divorce decree is a fixed document and life changes there are often times when a divorce decree does in fact need to be revisited. Utah’s laws allow for a divorce decree to be modified on the grounds that there has been a substantial change in circumstances, and four different areas of the decree are susceptible to modification: alimony, child support, child custody, and parent time. The court that will hear your modification arguments is the same court that decided the divorce decree.

Modification Requirements

Divorce modification procedures are very similar to divorce proceedings. They are filed in the same court; they consider the same standards of review (i.e. “best interest of the children”); and most of the same court rules apply. Although, the proceedings are similar they are not the same because the only thing a court is really considering in a divorce modification is whether or not there is a substantial change in circumstances that warrants a change. The court does not simply rehash all the issues that were discussed during the divorce proceedings. Some of the common circumstances that spur a divorce modification are the loss of a job or a party getting remarried. These changes could possibly warrant a change in child support (which can be modified every three years given a substantial change) or alimony.

Divorce Modification Attorney in Weber County

If you think there has been a substantial change in your circumstances you may be able to modify your divorce decree. Call the attorneys at our firm to learn more. Whether you are having problems paying child support, or you think you deserve more custody or visitations right, our office is the place to get the help you need. Our experienced family law attorneys now how to make persuasive arguments to the court that will help you get the changes you need. Call or email us today to set up an appointment to learn more about what your options are. 801.475.0991

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