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Often the law is about punishing people for things they have done wrong in the past and the unfortunate part of that type of formula is that it means that people or property is usually injured before the law can do anything. Because of this problem with the system that are some preemptive measures to try and protective people before criminal behavior injures them. For example if a person is feeling threatened by another individual or has been injured by them in the past they can obtain a protective order to try and keep that person away from them so they don’t have to experience further injury. However, protective orders can only be granted as against a person that you are related to, live with, lived with in the past, or have a child with. Obviously, people can be injured by other people that are not in this class just described and because of that the legislature has made civil stalking injunctions available to those who do not qualify for a protective order.

Getting a Civil Stalking Injunction in Northern Utah

A civil stalking injunction is very similar to a protective order and is meant to protect people from other people who may be dangerous or even just annoying. If someone is stalking you then you can ask the court to enter a civil stalking injunction against them which requires them to not stalk you or not contact you or go near you. While most people have a general idea of what stalking means the legislatures has defined the term to help clear up any confusion so the courts know when a civil stalking injunction is warranted. The legislature has stated that stalking is staying physically or visually close to another person, or making threats direct at another person. Also you can show that you were stalked by showing that the other person knew or should have known that the stalking would cause a reasonable person to be emotionally distressed or to be afraid or physically hurt. While this is still a somewhat loose definition it will ultimately be up to the judge to decide whether or not he or she thinks that stalking has occurred and that the petitioner should be granted the injunction to protect him or her.

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If you feel threatened or in danger and would like to get a civil stalking against someone to protect yourself then call the attorneys at Ogden Divorce Law today. Also if someone is trying to get a civil stalking injunction against you then Ogden Divorce Law can also help you defend yourself against those accusations and charges.

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