Ogden Bankruptcy and Divorce Lawyer

Aside from criminal charged, divorce and bankruptcy are two of the most dreaded areas of the law that people hope to never have to deal with. Unfortunately, in a lot of situations the same people have to deal with both. Whether its the financial strain of a divorce and the accompanying child support and alimony obligations that lead to bankruptcy or the financial struggles and frustration of a bankruptcy that leads to the divorce these two areas of the law seem to come into a lot of peoples lives, hand in hand.

What Divorce Obligations are Dischargeable?

While there are a lot of questions people have when it comes to divorce and bankruptcy one of the most frequently asked is what divorce rulings can be discharged in bankruptcy? This is obviously a very important thing to understand if you are trying to make the decision about bankruptcy because you may be wanting to get rid of debts or obligations that you may not be able to legally get rid of and therefore bankruptcy would not be for you. The biggest consideration to take into account is that neither child support nor alimony obligations are dischargeable and in turn any debts or obligations that are connected to alimony or which the judge interprets to be connected to alimony are not dischargeable. Pretty much everything else in a divorce can be discharged as long as it is not connected to child support or alimony.

Divorce and Bankruptcy Attorney in Ogden | Getting Help for All Your Legal Needs

The great thing about hiring Ogden Divorce Law for you divorce or bankruptcy is that we can assist you in a later case and already have a good understanding of your situation and be much more efficient and effective in our representation. If you are thinking about getting divorce or about filing bankruptcy then call Ogden Divorce Law today, we can help you understand your rights and understand how these two areas of the law could affect you in your life.

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