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There two types of court appointments that deal with a person making decision for another person because they are either incapacitated or not of legal age. The appointment that most people are familiar with is called guardianship, which is the court appointment of an individual or institution to make decision for an under-aged individual or an incapacitated individual. Some of the common areas where guardianship occurs is when a child is left without parents, or when a person appoints a guardian in a will to make decision for them when they become incapacitated due to illness or old age. The other court appointment is called conservatorship, and while it is very similar to guardianship in that the court appoints someone to make decisions for someone else, the difference is that a conservatorship is an appointment only to handle the financial affairs of the other individual.

How to Become a Conservator in Utah

To become a conservator for another individual you must take a short exam and prove to the court that you are capable and willing to perform the tasks of a conservator. While conservatorship and guardianship are often roles carried out by the same person they do not need to be and you could have a separate guardian and conservator appointed over the same individual since they perform different functions. If the court finds you capable and willing to be the conservator then the will make the appointment and require periodic reporting as to the status of the position.

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If you or a loved one needs the help of a conservator, or you would like to prepare a will that provides for the safety net of a guardian and conservator then call Ogden Divorce Law today. Our attorneys can help you understand the benefits and requirements for conservatorship and help you make an informed decision. Call or email us today to find out more.

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