Ogden Divorce Decree Enforcement Attorney

With how bad the divorce process can be for a lot of divorcing parties it is very common for people to release a sigh of relief when they finally get the divorce decree. Unfortunately, that sigh of relief is usually premature because getting the decree doesn’t mean that both parties are always going to follow the decree. Some of the most heated topics that take so long to resolve in the divorce such as child custody, alimony, and child support are also the ones the people most often violate in a divorce decree.

How to Enforce your Divorce Decree

If your ex is not following a portion of your divorce decree then it can be a serious problem. If you rely on those alimony or child support payments to make ends meet then you may not have much time, and even worse your spouse may be keeping your kids from you so you need to enforce your divorce decree as quickly as possible. The main way to enforce a divorce decree is through a process called Order to Show Cause in Re Contempt. Once you have filed for an Order to Show Cause in Re Contempt the court will order your spouse to appear before court and state whether or not they have committed the violation you are alleging, and then they will order your spouse to comply. If they still fail to comply the court can impose penalties such as fines and jail time for contempt.

Davis County Divorce Attorney | Getting Help Enforcing your Decree

If you are divorced and need help getting your spouse to comply with your divorce decree then call Ogden Divorce Law today. Our attorneys can help you initiate the order to show cause proceedings and help you get the payments you need or restablish the custody agreement you were supposed to have. Call or email us today to find out more.

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