What to Expect from Mediation

In Utah, mediation is required before a court will allow a divorcing couple to set a trial date. Due to this statutory requirement it is a good idea for individuals to prepare themselves for the possibility of mediation in their divorce and what they should expect. Along with mediation being required by law it is also usually a really good idea for divorcing parties because it helps people come to a settlement instead of wasting time and money to fight over things in court. That being said there are plenty of cases where the parties simply cannot come to an agreement; whether that be for justified reasons because the parties simply have different views of what is in the best interest of the child or because one of the parties simply won’t budge.

The Basics of Mediation

Mediation is a fairly simply process but if done correctly it can have very rewarding results. The parties are separated into different rooms and a trained mediator goes back and forth between the rooms attempting to facilitate negotiation. If the parties have attorneys then they can have their attorney in the room with them to help them understand their options and what the possible outcomes could be if they decide to go to trial instead of settling. If the parties come to an agreement then they will sign a stipulation and settlement agreement at the end of mediation that will ultimately be filed with the court. One of the important things to remember, however, about mediation is that the only thing that ultimately matters about the process is what is written in that stipulation and settlement agreement. The parties will discuss a bunch of different things and possible scenarios but in the end none of it is worth anything unless it is written down in the paperwork that is signed by both parties.

Northern Utah Divorce Attorney – Getting Help with Mediation

If you are thinking about divorce or are already involved in the process then call the attorneys at Ogden Divorce Law to get help with your case. We can help you prepare for and go through mediation and we can help you defend your rights in the process. Call or email us today to find out more.

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