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Becoming a parent changes a lot of things for most people, the common jokes are that you no longer get any sleep and you start getting gray hair, but in the legal sense becoming a parent also brings with it new rights. Whether a parent is the biological parent or adoptive they are entitled to certain rights in relation to the care and responsibility of their children. However, under certain circumstances those rights can be terminated against the parents will, and in any situation the rights can be relinquished. The first question most people ask this is why would a person relinquish their rights and what would you have to do to have them terminated. For one individuals will relinquish their rights when they are putting the child up for adoption to give them a chance at a better life and the possible ways to have your rights terminated are below.

Grounds for Termination of Parental Rights

The first thing to realize is that terminating a persons parental rights is very difficult, the parent must have done something quite egregious to have their right terminated and in most circumstances only the state is successful at terminating rights not private individuals. Some of the circumstances that could lead to the termination of an individual’s parental rights are:

  • Neglect or Abuse of the child
  • Sexual abuse of the child
  • Addiction to Drugs or Alcohol
  • A Conviction of a Felony
  • Felony assault or Murder of a sibling of the child
  • Not Being Able to Provide Support
  • Abandonment of the Child or Disinterest

With the termination of parental rights an individual losses all rights to custody of the child and all obligations such as child support.

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If someone is trying to terminate your parental rights or you would like to try and terminate the rights of another then call Ogden Divorce Law today. We understand the difficulties of this process and can help you understand your options and your likelihood at success. Call now to find out more.

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