Ogden Divorce Attorney | The Divorce Process

One of the biggest difficulties that most divorcing couples encounter as they go through the divorce process is the unexpected surprises around every turn. What I mean by this is that a some people think that when they finally decide to get a divorce the hard part is over, that coming to the decision is what’s difficult and that getting it done should just be some simple paperwork. Obviously people that think like that are in for a huge unpleasant surprise. Even for people that relatively understand the process there can be some misplaced expectations so it is important that you hire an attorney from Ogden Divorce Law to help you through the process so you know what to expect and you know that things are being done correctly.

Basic Divorce Timeline in Utah

If you are getting divorced in Utah then the first thing you need to know is that Utah has a 90 day waiting period meaning that the quickest you can get divorced is 90 days unless you get the requirement waived. However, this usually doesn’t come into play because divorces are usually contested and it takes a lot longer than 90 days to fight out the issues of a divorce. The general process is that one of the parties files a Petition, which is just a legal document stating what that individual wants out of the divorce and then that person must serve that petition and a summons on the other party. From the date they are served the opposing party has 21 days to file an answer and in most cases they will also file a counter petition. What this means is that the other party has an opportunity to respond to what the filing party put in their petition and then file their own petition stating what they want out of the divorce. From that point the gloves come off and there could be a temporary orders hearing or it could go straight to mediation. Utah requires that divorcing parties first try to resolve their issues through mediation. However, if mediation doesn’t work then the parties argue their case before the judge and he enters a final decree.

Logan Divorce Attorney | Getting Help With Your Divorce

There are obviously a lot more details to a divorce process than can be explained in a couple paragraphs like this but if you’re looking to get divorced and are unsure of what your next step should been then call Ogden Divorce Law today. Our attorneys can help you understand the divorce process and guide you through each step taking care of all the necessary paperwork and working hard to defend your rights and help you understand what can and cannot be done. Call or email us today to find out more.



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