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Unfortunately, divorce and abuse are often mixed together. Whether the decision to get a divorce comes because of abuse or abuse comes because of the decision to get a divorce, the two seem to come hand in hand quite often. The legal system realizes the negative effects of abuse and the incentives for stopping it, and because of this they have provided a way for individuals to protect themselves through protective orders. A protective order can included multiple kinds of protection such as limiting contact with the abused, limiting the abusers weapons permit, or giving the abused sole possession of property.

Help for Victims of Abuse

Obliviously, any abusive relationship can make for a difficult situation. The abused party is usually afraid to get help, and may still care for the individual abusing them. Protective orders allow for victims to protect themselves once they have removed themselves from the abusive situation, but they must make the decision to get that help. An additional benefit of protective orders is that it can help law enforcement officials protect individuals by being able to act on the violation of the protective order instead of waiting for some other offense to occur. By not getting a protective order you could be exposing yourself and your children to serious risk. Call ustoday to make sure that you and your loved ones are kept safe.

Wrongful Use of Protective Orders

Ironically, a protective order, the very instrument that is used to protect people from abuse, can itself be abused. By alleging false claims a disgruntled spouse can obtain a protective order and restrict the freedoms of the other spouse. This can be detrimental to the children as well as the accused spouse. This type of use of a protective order undermines the integrity of the legal system and can result in serious consequences for everyone involved. The criminal liabilities that could be involved with a protective order are too serious to not have an experienced attorney helping you. By fighting the protective order you will not only be protecting your right to enjoy your property and your children, but you could also be saving yourself from criminal issues in the future. Call our Firm for help defending yourself in your protective order case.

Fighting for or Against a Protective Order

Whether you are trying to protect yourself from an abusive spouse, or protect yourself from wrongful use of a protective order, our attorneys can help. We offer free consultations and can help you understand the details of the process. Call or email us today to set up an appointment. 801.475.0991

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