New Bill Would Make for Even More Divorce Education Classes

20 years ago the Utah legislature passed an innovative and unique law for the time. The new law required that individuals with kids who were going through a divorce had to take a two-hour divorce education class. The class focuses on how to keep your kids out of the divorce proceedings and tips on how to help your kids deal with the difficulties put on them by having their parents divorcing. While that was a unique law 20 years ago it has now become commonplace today and many states have similar laws on the books.

The Utah Legislature is at it Again

Now with 20 years of divorce education classes under it’s belt Utah is now looking to add another class to the mix. The Utah legislature is currently contemplating passing a bill that would require individuals to take a class before they could file for divorce. The idea behind the bill is that it will illustrate some of the pros and cons of divorce and hopefully help some individuals realize they don’t want to get divorced. Apparently the state thinks they have an interest in reducing the divorce rate in Utah. That aside, the reality is that this bill could lengthen the already arduous and difficult process that is getting a divorce in the state of Utah and that alone has some people unhappy.

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