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Most people never dream of changing their name, they couldn’t imagine being called anything else in fact. But while that may be the norm there are plenty of people out their with many different reasons for requesting a legal name change. Whether it be for religious reasons, to reflect family relationships, or simply because they don’t like their given name; many people head to the courts every year to make the switch. While the name change process in theories is quite simple, the actual process can often be quite complex, as almost everything involving a court is.

The Process

The simplified version is that a person petitions the court for the name change; they state the reasons for the change, and verification that the court has the jurisdiction to make the change. A hearing will then be scheduled after the change has been requested and the person must appear before the judge. The point of this hearing is basically to give the judge an opportunity to look over the request. The judge will normally ask the person if they are requesting the change to evade creditors and will most likely authorize the change. The only circumstances that usually cause the judge to reject a request is if the name is overly bizarre, too long ,or offensive in some way.

Ogden Family Law Attorney | Name Change Lawyer

No matter what the reasons you have for wanting a name change, the attorneys at Ogden Divorce Law can help you through that process. We have dealt with many clients desiring to change their name and we can make the process quick, easy, flexible, and as painless as possible. Our family law attorneys serve all of Northern Utah and we offer free consultations to help answer your questions and concerns before you even hire us. If you are looking for a family law attorney in Ogden then call Ogden Divorce Law today.

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