Protective Orders and the Divorce Process

A lot of divorce cases begin with a fight, sometimes a serious fight that results in domestic violence charges. In these more serious cases the alleged injured party is usually referred to Legal Aid Services or some other free legal provider that encourages them to file a protective order against there spouse. A protective order is an order from the court stating that one party cannot contact the other party or come within so many feet of that person’s home, place of work, or even sometimes the school their kids go to. When a protective order is filed the court will normally issue a Temporary Protective Order and then schedule a hearing so that both parties can come before the judge/commissioner and tell their side of the story.

Fighting Against a Protective Order

For better or worse a protective order is very easy to obtain and the standard a petitioner has to meet is very low. At the protective order hearing the judge/commissioner will be trying to determine whether domestic violence has taken place or whether the respondent is an immediate threat to the petitioner’s physical safety. In a lot of these cases there are no other witnesses or physical evidence so it comes down to who the commissioner thinks is more credible and unfortunately the court usually just enters the protective order to be on the safe side.

Getting Help for Your Protective Order Case

If you are facing a protective order and are worried about the effects it could have on you then call Salcido Law Firm today for help. We can answer your questions and explain the basic structure of the legal process so you can understand the possible outcomes you are facing. Our attorneys have represented hundreds of family clients and are experienced in protective order defense so call us today to get the help and protection you need.

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