Bifurcated Divorce in Utah

The divorce process can be very long and drawn out when the divorcing parties are fighting over every aspect of the separation, and when I say drawn out I mean longer than a year. When people decide they want to get divorced, however, they usually want it done yesterday because they can’t stand the person and they wish to never see them again. Due to this long delay in the divorce process the legal system allows for divorcing parties to get divorced from their spouse while the other details like property division are set aside in a separate process. This process is called bifurcation and it will allow divorcing parties to get remarried to others or simply hold themselves out as single for whatever other purpose they desire.

How to Get your Divorce Finalized Even Though You Can’t Reach an Agreement

The bifurcated divorce process is fairly simply, once you have decided that you want to get the bifurcation then the lawyers at Ogden Divorce Law can draft the paperwork for you and set the hearing. Depending on the judge the process could be very easy with a high likelihood of success or more difficult. Our attorneys know how to argue bifurcated divorces and they can help you get your divorce finalized and your child custody or property division issues set aside for later hearings so you can move on with your life.

Northern Utah Family Law Attorney | Divorce Bifurcation

Whether you’re getting divorced in Ogden, Farmington, Logan, or Bountiful the lawyers at Ogden Divorce Law can help you get a divorce bifurcation. We know the process and we know the difficulties so we can help you get through the tough times and understand what to expect. Call or email us to find out more, we can answer your questions over the phone in just a few minutes.

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