Utah Dating Violence Protective Orders

Traditionally, Utah courts have only offered protective orders to three classes of people. Meaning for an individual to get an order from the court keeping another individual away from them they had to have a certain relationship with that person.  These three categories were individuals who are related, who live or have lived together, or who have parented a child together. Over the years the Utah legislature has had concerns over whether or not these categories were too restrictive and left some individuals, that were in need of protection, out in the cold. While there is the option of a civil stalking injunction regardless of the parties relationship the legislature has now gone beyond that and created a new class of protective order for people who are only dating and not related or living together.

The New Dating Violence Protective Order

With the recent passing of the dating violence protective order bill the Utah legislature has created a new law that allows for a person in a dating relationship to get a protective order against their partner if they have been subjected to abuse or violence by their partner. In fact the law actually extends to include situations where no abuse or violence has taken place but where there is a substantial likelihood that there will be abuse or violence.

Ogden Family Law Attorney | Getting Help with Your Protective Order Case

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