Does a New Attorney in Murdoch Case Really Mean Anything

A couple months ago Ruport Murdoch filed divorce papers to separate from his wife of 14 years, Wendi. His wife of course hired an attorney to defend her in the divorce and then after about a month fired that attorney and hired a new one. After that change of counsel a lot of people speculated that the change meant that things were going to get ugly in the divorce and both parties were going to fight to the bitter end.

Why Hire an Impartial Attorney?

While it’s true that Wendi’s new counsel has represented a host of big named clients in divorces from their rich businessmen husbands, the reality is that the real reason for the change doesn’t really signal anything about what is going to happen in the divorce. Mrs. Murdoch’s former counsel was the attorney that represented her when the couple drafted their initial prenuptial agreement and since that time she has become friends with the Murdochs so a need for a more impartial counsel was necessary. One of the benefits of having an attorney represent you in any type of matter is to have a very logical and a very removed third party to help counsel you on how to proceed without having to deal with all the emotional aspects and connection in a divorce, criminal case, or any other emotional legal matter.

Hiring Your Own Impartial Third Party Counsel

If you are contemplating divorce, or are in a custody battle, or facing protective order charges, or any other family law matter you probably have a very strong emotional connection to your situation. It is very understandable that you should be emotionally connected to your marriage or your kids but the truth is that your emotional connection could cloud your judgment when making very important decisions like what kind of strategy to use in your case. The attorney’s at Ogden Divorce Law¬†understand your situation, we know it can be a very difficult and stressful time and we strive to help relieve that stress as well as make level headed decisions that you won’t regret in the near future. If you have questions about your case please call us today, we offer free consultations and can help get you moving in the right direction after just a few minutes on the phone.

About Todd Peterson

Todd Peterson has been with Salcido Law firm for a number of years and specializes in Family Law practice. He is dedicated to helping people through the very difficult and highly emotionally charged times when they need a family law attorney.
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