The Importance of a Proper Financial Declaration

If you are involved in a contested domestic matter, you will likely need to file a financial declaration. In fact, there are time requirements imposed on when your financial declaration may be due. It is not only important to ensure your financial declaration is filed in a timely manner, but it is also important your financial declaration is accurately filled out and that all of the necessary documents are attached. The financial declaration you file in your case may have a huge impact on matters such as alimony, asset division, awarding attorney fees and more.

Impact on Alimony

A few of the primary factors a judge will consider when determining whether or not to award alimony and in what amount, are entirely related to the information you provide on your financial declaration. If you are asking for alimony, the judge will look to your income and your monthly expenses stated on your financial declaration to determine what your need is. Demonstrating a higher need (i.e. not being able to pay all your reasonable bills each month) may lead to a higher alimony award. On the flip side, if you are trying to minimize an alimony award against you, the judge will also being looking at your income and monthly expenses but in a different way. The judge will be trying to determine what your ability to pay is. If you can demonstrate a lower ability to pay (i.e. you are already in the red each month and can’t make your own reasonable bills), your alimony risk may be decreased.

 Help From an Ogden Utah Divorce Attorney

Understanding your legal requirements regarding your financial disclosures and submitting a correct financial declaration can be key. For help in this process you can meet with an Ogden Utah Divorce Attorney at our Ogden Law Firm at your convenience.

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