How to Get Your Name Changed in Utah

The name changes we all hear about are a little outrageous, like Metta World Peace or Chad Ochocinco; but aside from publicity stunt name changes there are plenty of reasonable reasons for a person to change their name. For example an individual may have gone by their middle name or some variation of their name for their whole life and finally wants to avoid all the confusion that creates and just change their name to make it legally match what everyone knows them by. Another example is when an adoptive parent whether its a step parent or two adoptive parents want their child’s last name to match theirs.

The Name Change Process in Ogden

Why the reason for the name change is important is because to receive a name change in utah the petitioner, or the person requesting the change must submit a petition to the court stating three things in particular:

1. that the petition is a resident of the county of the court that is hearing the case;

2. what the proposed new name is; and

3. why the name change is being requested.

The main reason for these requirements is that the judge is going to be looking to make sure that the new name is not offensive, vulgar, or overly complicated. If the judge feels like this is a valid name change that won’t cause problems then he/she will sign off on the order and the name change will be complete, except for getting it changed on all your legal documents.

Ogden Attorney for Name Changes

If you are thinking about changing your name but aren’t sure about the process then call Ogden Divorce Law¬†today. We can help you understand how everything will take place, the difficulties and benefits of changing your name and the cost. Call or email us today to find out more.

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