Legal Formalities of Marriage in Utah

This article addresses some of the Legal Formalities of Marriage in Utah. Here in the beehive state, in order to be valid, a marriage must be solemnized by a person with authority to perform marriages. Marriage may be solemnized by the following persons:

  • Ministers, rabbis, priests, or any religious denomination who are in a regular communion and are 18 years of age or older.
  • Native American spiritual advisors.
  • The governor.
  • Mayors.
  • State or federal judges.
  • County clerks.
  • The president of the Utah State Senate.
  • The speaker of the House of Representative (State).
  • Retired judges.

The individual who solemnizes the marriage must give the couple a certificate of marriage signed. Generally, speaking, those persons who can perform marriages may not delegate their authority to anyone else.

Marriage Licenses in Utah

A couple seeking a marriage license in Utah must apply for one through the county clerk’s office. A Utah Marriage License is only validly issued for a marriage performed in the state of Utah. An important note to remember for anyone seeking a marriage license in this state is the fact that it is only valid for 30 days. This means you need to get the license, be married, and file it with the clerk’s office all within that 30 day period. Marriage licenses in Utah will only be issued to a man and woman and such licenses require the following information:

  • full names of the couple
  • social security numbers for the couple
  • address of each party
  • date and place of birth of each party
  • names of respective parents
  • race or nationality of each party

Minors and Marriage

Most people do not find themselves facing great legal troubles when applying for a marriage license in Utah. However, if one of the parties is a minor, that could potentially raise some problems and may prohibit the marriage all together. A minor most often will need to obtain consent of their parent or guardian before they can marry. If you have detailed questions about the legal formalities of marriage involving minors in Utah, you should consult with an Ogden Divorce Attorney out or office today.

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