Temporary Relief in Your Divorce

From popular media and movies a lot of people think a divorce is as simple as handing your ex some papers and getting them to sign them, and then you’re done. However, the reality is that most divorce cases aren’t that simply and definitely aren’t that simple. For starters the state requires by law that a couple wait at least 90 days from the filing of their divorce until they can be granted a final decree by the judge. If the couple is fighting over any of the issues in the divorce however it will take much longer than 90 days and may easily extend to a process that takes over a year. The most common disputes that couples have in a divorce are over child custody, alimony, and property division.

Temporary Orders in Ogden Divorce Cases

Due to how long a divorce can be draw out there is often a need for some rules for during the divorce. A lot of divorcing couples are already not getting along and they are trying to work things out now that they are separated and fighting. So issues of child custody, child support, and who will live where can become very serious issues if they are left unresolved for a year or however long it takes for the divorce to be resolved. The rules for the pendency of a divorce are called temporary orders and you can ask the court to make preliminary decisions about many aspects of the divorce to govern the time between the issuance of the order and the entry of the divorce decree.

Northern Utah Divorce Attorney | Temporary Orders

If you are filing for divorce in Northern Utah then call Ogden Divorce Law today, we can help you with your divorce paperwork and help you ask the court for temporary orders to help you deal with the big issues you are facing right now. Our attorneys know how to argue for protective orders, temporary child support, temporary child custody, and much more. Call or email us today to find out more.


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