The Divorce Process: Financial Declaration

What most people don’t often realize about the divorce process is that it is a civil suit. It may not be the exact same type of thing as suing an insurance company because of a car accident or something like that it still follows most of the same rules as other civil lawsuits. One of the phases of a civil suit is discovery. Discovery is the fact gathering part of a lawsuit, where both parties try and support their cases with evidence they obtain from the other party or from some other methods. In a divorce proceeding the process of discovery is initiated with what are called the initial disclosure and the financial declaration.

What is the Financial Declaration

A very large part of most divorces is about money. How will assets be distributed? Will alimony be paid? Who will pay child support? and so forth. Due to this large emphasis on money the courts require that both parties in a divorce fill out a financial declaration and provide a copy of said declaration to the other party. The financial declaration is basically a snapshot of your finances, such as income, expenses, debts, assets, as well as documentation to show the veracity of the numbers you have put down.  In some scenarios, such as temporary orders hearings, you will also have to provide the court with a copy of your financial declaration.

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The divorce process can be convoluted and complicated at times and that is why you should probably speak with a qualified family law attorney to get help with your case. At Ogden Divorce Law we focus on making sure our clients understand the process as best as possible so they can make informed decisions about their future. Call or email us today for a free consultation.

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