Is Your Divorce Uncontested?

When you start looking into the possibility of divorce and start to hear the jargon surrounding divorce proceedings you will undoubtedly be asked if your divorce is contested or uncontested. While contested and uncontested are commonly used words in society that most people understand they don’t exactly have the same meaning in a legal sense. While a person may think that their divorce is going to be contested because their spouse doesn’t want to get divorced, it may be uncontested because while that person may want to stay together they ultimately agree to all the terms that are being proposed in the divorce petition.

The Differences

In a divorce there is a process that is followed at the beginning whether the case is contested or not. The petitioner will file a divorce petition with the court basically setting out what they want from the divorce and then they have to have that paperwork served or in other words delivered to their spouse. If the divorce is uncontested then a stipulation and settlement agreement can also be sent to the spouse and if signed that can be entered with additional paperwork to finalize the divorce. If the spouse does not agree then they must file an answer with the court and that is when the contested matter begins. A contested divorce is much longer and costly and basically involves the parties fighting over issues such as child custody, child support, division of property, and alimony.

Ogden Family Law Attorney | Divorce

If you are in Ogden and you are contemplating a divorce or a divorce has already been filed then call an attorney at Ogden Divorce Law¬†today. The process is too complicated and too important to try and handle it yourself and you’ll most likely end up regretting it if you do. Our experienced attorneys can help relieve the stress of this difficult situation and let you feel confident that your rights and interests will be protected as much as possible, so call us today to find out more.

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