Divorce Bifurcation

One of the things that shocks a lot of people about the divorce process is how long it can take for a couple to finally get that divorce decree and be legally divorced. Of course an uncontested divorce can be completed fairly quickly if the parties agree on all the topics of the divorce, are quick to sign the stipulation agreement, and the court is willing to waive the 90-day waiting period. However, if the parties are going to fight over every issues of the divorce, custody, division of property, and others; as well as file temporary orders fight over those proceedings and object to the recommendations then the divorce process can take well over a year to complete.

Filing for a Divorce Bifurcation

Due to the possible lengthy nature of divorce proceedings the courts allow for parties to file for a bifurcation of their divorce. What this means is that the court will basically split your divorce into to issues, one that is settled immediately and only concerns you being legally divorced, and the other set aside for further proceedings which involves the division of marital assets and the like. What this process does is allows parties to move on with their life, start living as a single person and being legally divorced while they fight over all the other issues that are continuing in the court.

Ogden Family Law Attorney | Divorce Lawyer

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