Utah Paternity Suits

In today’s world societies conventions are much less strict when it comes to not getting married and “shacking up” instead. With rising divorce rates and the difficulties that come with ending a marriage it makes sense why there is so much trepidation when it comes to tying the knot. While divorce may scare some people away from getting married that does not keep them from having to deal with divorce like issues if they do end up having a child with another person and then splitting up. If a couple has a child together and then decides that they are going to end their relationship then a divorce won’t work if they were not married and that is why there is the option of a paternity suit in Utah.

Establishing Paternity and Fighting for Custody

With how the law is set up in Utah the father in an unmarried relationship must take legal action to establish that he is the father of his child. This legal action is called a paternity suit or a paternity action and it is sometimes described as a divorce without the marriage. There are two main parts of a paternity action, the first being the establishment of paternity and the second being the judgment concerning custody and other rights pertaining to the children.

Ogden Family Law Attorney | Finding Representation for your Paternity Suit

If you have a child with your significant other but are not married and are thinking of splitting up then it is important you contact an attorney at Ogden Divorce Law¬†to understand your rights and how to protect your parental rights like being able to see your child on a regular basis. Our experienced family law attorney’s serve all of Northern Utah and can help answer your questions as well as fight to keep you in your child’s life.

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