What to Do if You’re Not Getting Your Visitation

Probably the most difficult issue to resolve in a divorce case is child custody.  While we often deal with parties that fight over property and money as well, in the majority of cases the real issue is over who gets the kids, when, and how much. Usually everybody involved in the case wants to do what is best for the children, in fact that is the standard upon which the court is supposed to make its custody decisions. The problem, however, is that everybody has their own idea of what is best for the children, and in most cases the parties are very adamant in their resolve over their opinion of what is best for the kids. So the parties will make all the arguments they can for why they should get the custody arrangement that they think is best and although they may eventually settle with the help of their lawyers and mediators a lot of times they still don’t feel good about the arrangement, and this often leads to them violating the divorce decree by denying custody or visitation to the other parent.

How to Make Sure your Divorce Decree is Enforced

If your ex is keeping the kids from you when its your turn to have your visitation or custody then that is a big deal and you need to make sure that your rights are being protected so you can continue to be a part of your children’s life. To make sure that your ex follow the divorce decree you can file for an order to show cause hearing, where the court will inquire as to whether or not the decree was actually violated and then upon a finding that it was possibly impose penalties for non compliance.

Ogden Divorce Attorney | Order to Show Cause Hearings

If you need help enforcing your divorce decree then call Ogden Divorce Law today. We serve all areas of Northern Utah and can help you protect your rights in your case.

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