What is a No Fault Divorce?

The history of marriage and divorce is quite interesting. As many know there was a time when divorce wasn’t even an option, the wedding vow “’til death do us part” was quite literal. However, over time as society changed divorce became a possibility but there still needed to be a good reason for it, you couldn’t just say you wanted a divorce and get one. At common law there were a number of reasons why you could get a divorce such as adultery, desertion, insanity, drunkiness, and so on. Most of these revolved around one of the parties breaking wedding vows or no longer being fit for marriage and this system of divorce aimed at placing fault for the divorce on one party or the other.

Utah’s Divorce Laws

As society has continued to change the need for a “good reason” to get divorced has all but vanished. If you look through most current divorce filings you will see the grounds for divorce in almost every case being irreconcilable differences. What this means is open to interpretation but the effect it has on the divorce system is that fault is no longer important, and that is why divorces in Utah are considered no fault divorces.

A lot of times we’ll get calls from individuals that want a divorce because their spouse has cheated on them and they believe this entitles them to win every issue of the divorce. While infidelity is a terrible thing for anyone to have to go through the justice system does not really put that much weight on the fact that adultery lead to the divorce. The parties will still be treated equally by the court for the most part regardless of the fact that one was unfaithful.

Ogden Divorce Attorney | Helping You Understand the Process

One of the most difficult things about divorce is not knowing what the rules of the game are and that is exactly why you should hire an attorney. At Ogden Divorce Law we try and help you understand the process and set your expectations accordingly. If you know the basic standards by which the process is handled you will be more prepared for the outcomes you obtain and less infuriated by them. Call or email us today for a free consultation to learn more.

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