Divorce Education Classes in Ogden

All divorcing parents in Utah must take 2 divorce education classes before their divorce will be signed and made official by a judge. There is a divorce education course as well as a divorce orientation course. At most locations, both courses are offered, one right after the other so you can complete both requirements in one night. A divorce decree will not be granted until both parents have taken both courses. The divorce education course is designed to educate parents about child custody, parent time, and other related matters and how children are often impacted by divorce. The divorce education course is typically 2 hours long. The divorce orientation course is designed to teach parents about divorce alternatives, the divorce process in general, and about post divorce resources. The orientation class is only 1 hour. The divorce education classes are taught generally at least 1 per month in Ogden. If you miss the Ogden date you may have to travel down to Farmington or Salt Lake for the next closest location or have to wait a month. To ensure your spot you should call into the district court in Ogden verify class times and availability.

Waiving the Divorce Education Requirements

While for the most part everyone is required to attend these divorce education classes, some individuals under certain conditions may have them waived. Now just being an out of state resident does not automatically allow for waiver. The courses are available on DVD for out of state residents. All you have to do is simply call the court and order the DVDs and that after watching them you sign a form swearing you indeed watched the courses and send that form into the court to be filed in your case. If there is some condition that makes it impossible for one of the parties to attend or view the courses, the party can file a motion to have the requirement waived. We have assisted many clients in waiving this requirement. For more information on the divorce education classes in Ogden or anywhere else in Utah, give us a call now and speak with an Ogden Divorce Attorney.

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