Prenups in Utah

In Utah not a lot of people know about prenuptial agreements other than what they hear on t.v. and this may be due to the fact that a lot of people get married very young in Utah. For first marriages or people getting married young a prenuptial or premarital agreement doesn’t make much sense because there are little to no assets to protect. The idea behind a premarital agreement is that you protect your personal assets from fully becoming marital assets when you get married by laying out how the divorce process will be conducted if the marriage results in a divorce. Clearly a prenuptial or premarital agreement isn’t something you should bring up seconds after the proposal but in many situations it is the smart and logical thing to do.

How to Make Your Prenup Defendable in Court

One of the biggest mistakes that people make in their premarital agreements is to make it one sided, meaning it only outlines the property of one of the parties and only protects one person. If the judge believes that the agreement is unfair and doesn’t protect the interests of both parties then he may find it unconscionable and throw it out, therefore nullyfing your hard work and preparation to make sure you’d be protected in the event of a divorce. Even if one of the parties doesn’t really have any assets its important to draft the premarital agreement so it is as fair as possible given the circumstances.

Ogden Premarital Agreements Lawyer

If you are looking to get married and you have assets that you would like to protect in case of divorce then contact Ogden Divorce Law. We understand your concerns and can help you understand the law and the possible benefits of a premarital agreement. Call or email us today to get your questions answered and to get the help you need to make the right decision for you.

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