The Utah Child Support Calculator

The divorce process is largely about whether or not the parties can make compromises and meet in the middle on the big issues. If the parties cannot come to a settlement then they will have to go to the judge and have all those decisions made for them. Surprisingly, given the need for compromise in divorce, one of the big topics that divorcing couples are concerned with is not really that negotiable at all; this topic is child support. In Utah, child support is determined based on a statutory calculation that takes the gross monthly incomes of the parties and the custody arrangement and sets child support based on those factors.

Arguing the Input Factors for the Child Support Calculation

The only way to really affect the child support calculation in a divorce action is to argue the input factors, meaning custody and gross monthly incomes. Obviously in most cases child custody is already a huge issue and will be argued adamantly regardless of how it affects child support. As for the gross monthly incomes of the parties there is a little wiggle room to argue but not much. For example the parties may be unemployed or their incomes vary from month to month giving attorneys a chance to argue for the court to make a factual determination of what factors should be used for child support purposes. If one of the parties is unemployed however then the court will usually allow the parties to assume that the party could be making minimum wage and make the child support calculation based on that.

Ogden Family Law Attorney | Child Support Questions

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