Supreme Court’s Same-Sex Marriage Decision May Help with Divorce

The Supreme Court’s recent decision striking down the Defense of Marriage Act as unconstitutional has been heralded as a huge victory for gay and lesbian couples who liked to get married. However, as well as being a win for gay marriage it is also a win for gay divorce. The New York Times recently posted a story about a gay couple that was married in New Hampshire where gay marriage is recognized but when the marriage dissolved three years later the couple was living in Florida where gay marriage is not recognized, so the couple could not get divorced because according to Florida they were not married. Furthermore, returning to New Hampshire just for the divorce is not an option because they would have to establish residency in New Hampshire again to be able to get the divorce.

Utah’s Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce Laws

Utah of course does not recognize same sex marriage and therefore like Florida in the example above they do not allow for same sex divorce because of the logic that you can’t get divorced if you’re not married. The Supreme Court’s recent decision however is viewed as a win for same sex couples who would like to get divorced because it is a step towards uniformity among the states as far as the marriage and divorce of same sex couples. While issues of jurisdiction, residency, and legitimacy of marriage are considerations in every divorce they don’t really pose the same problems in a heterosexual marriage as much as they do in a same sex marriage.

Ogden Family Law Attorney | Answering Your Divorce Questions

If you have questions about the possibility of getting a divorce in Utah whether you are in a heterosexual marriage or a same sex marriage then call the experts at Ogden Divorce Law¬†for help. Our attorney’s know the ins and outs of the Utah laws and we can answer your questions and help you with your divorce if you decide to go ahead with it and it is allowed in Utah.

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