Utah’s Mediation Requirement

Married couples who fight a lot often throw around statements like “I’ll take every cent you have” or “You’re not getting anything in the divorce” and while these statements carry good dramatic effect they are entirely unfounded and will almost never actually come to pass. The reality is that most divorce cases settle, meaning that eventually the parties decide to compromise and do what’s best for them, their children, and their futures; instead of fighting to the end and making the judge make the final decision. This huge turnaround from yelling threats to calmly sitting at the negotiation table is usually brought about by the help of attorney’s and mediators. Mediation is a great idea in any divorce because it allows the parties to save time and money by reaching an agreement as to property division, child custody, visitation, alimony and more.

Mediation Before Judgment

While mediation is often a good idea no matter what state you’re in, in Utah it’s not only a good idea but a requirement. Before your can take your divorce case to trial before the judge you have to have participated in mediation and at least attempted to settle your divorce amicably before you argue it to a judge. In most cases the parties realize that going to trial carries a lot of uncertainty and risk that they can avoid by compromising a little on property division, child custody, and other disputed topics. The mediation process is fairly simply and involves the parties and their lawyers sitting down with a third party mediator who does not represent either side but helps each side negotiation a settlement that both parties can live with.

Ogden Divorce Attorney | Representing you in Your Mediation

If you are getting divorce or thinking about getting divorced then its a good idea to talk to an attorney first to help you with your expectations and help you understand the process. The attorney’s at Ogden Divorce Law¬†have helped hundreds of clients in their divorce and we know how to help you understand your options and help you defend your rights based on your decisions. Call or email us to get more info on how we can help you in your divorce and your mediation.

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