Utah Legal Separation Laws

When most couples hit times of serious marital discord, which they don’t think that they can overcome, they automatically turn to divorce. While divorce is some times the best decision for couple that don’t want to be together any ¬†more the reality is that its not the only option available to them. One option that is not often discussed and is usually dismissed and not very useful is legal separation. It’s true that in a lot of situations legal separation isn’t really going to give the struggling couple what they are looking for, in other situations however it is the perfect opportunity to allow the couple to get some time away from each other without completely throwing away the marriage.

What is a Legal Separation?

Plenty of couples separate every day, the get mad about something have a big fight, and one leaves. This separation may only last a couple hours, it may last years, but it is still technically a separation. The only difference between that and a legal separation is that the court is involved in a legal separation and the courts role is to make the rules of the separation binding. What this means is that a couple going through a legal separation will basically go through the same steps and issues as a divorce, i.e. property division, child custody, child support, but they will remain married. So if the couple really wants to be done with each other then they should just save their time and money and go straight to the divorce. On the other hand, if the couple still wants to hold open the possibility of reconciling then a legal separation provides a very organized route to protect everyone’s interests and rights, by separating property and deciding other issues, while still allowing for the couples to possibly reconcile in the future and return to a sound marriage again.

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